Wirtschaftsenglisch II

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Business English II – 2nd semester

Theme: Globalisation and internationalisation in the German academic environment and the effect on the Studentenwerk Magdeburg

In this term paper, the topic of „globalisation“ in the German higher education landscape was examined and the effects on the work of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg were considered as a practical example.

  1. Globalisation – Definition
    1.2 Internationalisation vs. Globalisation
  2. Internationalisation in the sector of higher education institutions
    2.1 Internationalisation as a trend in German science and higher education system
    2.2 Foreign students in Germany
    2.3 German students in foreign countries
  3. Problems, challenges and developments result for the Studentenwerk Magdeburg
    3.1 Housing
    3.2 Canteens & Cafeterias
    3.3 Consulting
    3.4 Childcare & Culture

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